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Hell Cat

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no more booze :( [15 Jul 2008|06:44pm]
[ mood | determined ]

Okay so on July 5th, I had my last alcoholic drinks so far and I intend to keep it that way for as long as I can. Absolutely no more beer for me. Even mixed drinks have sky-rocketing calories and unnessary sugars in them.

From now on I am focusing on a healthier lifestyle.

My wedding is not too far away and I am motivated and will be staying focused on acheiving a healthy/fit physique.


[23 Apr 2006|05:14pm]
[ mood | dirty ]

The weekend was well spent with my friend. Our plan was to head to Mission Bay in San Diego for Saturday to catch some sun and tan. The sun never came out :( so we went to an Indian hiking trail out in the Temecula area instead. It's kinda hidden, so I think it's called Santa Rosa? I was a bit skeptical about hiking out there because there were signs that warned you about mountain lions yet there were no park rangers in sight. After we dropped the truck off at a parking point, we began our 5 mile hike. The scenery was beautiful and could have been better except that houses off into the distance ruined the view.

hiking adventureCollapse )
When we got back home, we started getting ready to go to this upscale club "Silk" at Pechanga casino. We decided not to go afterall, although we were ready to make the boys drool. Fuckers. It was a fun weekend though.
I've gotta get early sleep tonight as I shall be up for work at 1:30 AM. Yes, fucking AM.. I start at 2:30 am and end 2:30 pm.. It'll be fun.


welcome to the real world [29 Jun 2005|04:04pm]
[ mood | happy ]

So the reason I haven't been faithful to LJ is simply because I no longer have the internet. I won't for a while until I can find my own place.
I also don't really have reason to. LJ was not only a place for me to vent, but a place to browse while procrastinating from studying.

Welp, now I have to move on to the real world and deal with the masses of stupid American people.

I graduated from College on the 12th. I'm happy to have completed that. I look haggard for my age thanks to 5 years of stress. and an earned Bachelor of Science degree it got me.

I start work on the 11th of July. I have to figure out how to spend my time wisely before the government owns my ass. Perhaps I should start working out again? Tanning? Reading? Camping? Partying!!


battle of puebla [05 May 2005|06:03pm]
Happy Cinco De Mayo to all my comadres and compadres!

[09 Apr 2005|07:06pm]
[ mood | scared ]

I don't know what the shit that was all about, but it left me loose limbed.

I was shakey after a swerving incident on the freeway today. Then I come home, sitting at my desk when a black man's voice yells at the top of his deep voice, "I'm going to beat you down, I'm going to beat you down. Do you fucking hear me." I locked the door and the windows shut because you never know how angry this person might get and if they may have a weapon.
It sounded like it came from upstairs, but I didn't think too much of it because the man above me seems to be a great single father to his two little boys.

Fifteen minutes later I go into the bathroom and I hear a bunch of slamming upstairs. I realize there really is drama from the neighbors above. I hear a little boy crying and more slamming, perhaps a body against the wall? A man is still screaming the same from 15 minutes ago.

I should probably call the cops, but I'm kinda scared it's not my business. Oh what to do.


silence is golden [04 Apr 2005|04:22pm]
[ mood | bored ]

My internet does not work because of Verizon's fuck ups.
I cancelled cable because it wasn't worth the $.
There is nothing to entertain me at my apartment.

I'm going to do a massive dvd purchase on ebay. Bargains are the best.

Anyone have any awsome movies to recommend?


happy bday to me [14 Mar 2005|07:45pm]
[ mood | quixotic ]

Today marks 23 years that I've existed.

What do I do on this special day? Finish my senior project.
Good stuff.


Warning... Tantrum Ahead [23 Feb 2005|03:01pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

I want to throw a punch into everything accessible right now. I had an appointment with an audiologist for my new government job coming up. It's scheduled right now, this very fucking minute that I'm typing.

This is all the goddamn bad luck that is me. How fucking peachy and convenient.

So I was walking to my car 45 minutes before my appointment (because I like to be early punctual) and I notice that something is leaking from my left back tire. I also notice it's somewhat flat. So I start the car up and move forward just a tad bit to rotate the tire to the site it's leaking from. And sure enough there is a long tear down the tire. It looks like it's worn out due to these FUCKING LOS ANGELES POT HOLES.
The cab I called won't be here for at least another hour. I had to call the audiologist and cancel.

Now I need to go and spend MORE money that I really don't have at the moment. Oh yeah, I also got a driving ticket last month for being in the car pool lane on my own AND crossing the double yellow solid while doing so. I was going to spend the last of my paycheck on that piece of shit ticket. Now this. I don't know whether to blame nature for all this rain, or this County for not patching up these holes in the road right away, or maybe blame my dad for not getting me new tires two years ago as he promised.

This is the most stressed out I have been in such a long fucking time. My instincts are driving me to be violent today, don't mind me.


[19 Feb 2005|08:46pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Cannot wait for my internship to kick off. I desperately need that health insurance.
Accutane here I come. And of course that new vision prescription that is a few months overdue. AND guess who is getting braces? This little crooked tooth biOtch. Primarily the bottom set of teeth.
4 months left. Perhaps the most stressful to endure.

I've got an appointment next wed. to complete my physical exam for the government. They want so much from me. I just got done with the finger-printing portion. That shit made me paranoid. I was afraid the cops would deny me for being on file. Don't.know. Next thing is to get my transcript.

Gotta get up early for work tomorrow. Fun. Another thing I'm looking forward to is my last day there. The countdown is on.

No more news for now.
Is it just me or do my entries just keep getting lamer? I guess my life needs some form of entertainment, even if it means drama. ugh, I should just delete this account. Everything is so dull right now :/


move out the way bitch [21 Jan 2005|11:21pm]
Note to self: NEVER leave the house on Friday evenings unless going out to have fun or for very important reasons.

I forgot how congested the streets and freeways got. All I wanted was to go draw money from an atm to go get some food and instead it turned into a one hour traffic jam and I wasn't even on the goddamn freeways. I'm beginning to hate LA County more each day. GAAAH

On a special note,
2005 Commencement Ceremony, Sunday, June 12th @ 4:30 p.m. College of Agriculture

I belive my sooooooul's on fire [27 Dec 2004|09:25pm]
[ mood | good ]

From where I last left off...

I'm on my break now. School starts in a week and it's going to be another tough one. 20 units. I'll be able to handle it, just watch.
x-mas was like every other year. I'm beginning to feel like it should only be a tradition meant for little kids though. Plus I hate people even more than how I already feel about them, during this time of the year. People are everywhere, and not just in the damn city!

I was starting to hate my current job because of the unappreciation. Then fag boy left and I got exited, and now "it's" back. I don't care anymore though. He's too pathetic to be upset over.

I've made some minor changes to myself. I can't let people walk all over me anymore, I just give them attitude now and tell them to fuck off. I don't know if this is a good thing though.

Oh, and I've changed my hair color. I've been a redhead since I was a junior in high school, so let's see, that's like.. 5.5 years of being a redhead. I'm a brunette again, and LOVING IT! I missed my brown roots. Pun-intended. You can still see some red in it, but I plan on making that disappear next month.

brunette funCollapse )

Today is my brother's and cousin, David's birthday. So, a Happy Birthday Greeting to them.


Beef..... it's what's for dinner. [20 Nov 2004|02:05pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]

I had my interview Wednesday. It went so-so. So I thought. 10 people applied and were interviewed, and only 2 slots were available. My heart sank when I found that last part out. YOu know, I'm not exactly a physically strong person.

BUT! apparently I was a match for the position! So I got the job! I got the job! I got the job! It's actually a 2-year paid internship with full government benefits! I start after I get my Bachelors of Science this summer. Afterward it will eventually be an "off-the charts" career with them!!
I just got the email today saying I was selected. My eyes filled with tears when I read it, then I jumped out of my seat and called my parents.

For the first part of the interview they made me watch a 5 minute video on what goes on inside a slaughter plant. It was so gruesome. But when it comes to blood and gore, I have a tough stomach.

Yesterday in my repro lab, we went out to a beef field to palpate cattle. It was my first time ever sticking my entire arm inside the rectum of anything! But it was fun. I got to feel a pregnant cow's fetus, the reproductive tract, the rumen (one of 4 "stomachs" that cattle have), and it was fun stuff. Such a wonderful hands-on learning experience Cal Poly has had to offer me.


pink death liquid through his motherfucking veins [13 Nov 2004|05:27pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

You have no idea how thrilled I am right now! I was driving home from the Botanic Gardens in Clarement and it was announced on the radio. Scott Peterson is found Guilty!!! I screamed my lungs out. The whole way home, just screaming with joy. Why am I so exited? It's good to know that there are some people with some common sense (i.e. jurors). And cocky asshole motherfuckers like Scott Peterson deserve to be put to death. That's only if he gets the death penalty. If he does get the death penalty, it'll be unfortunate that he can't be electrocuted in the chair, and instead gets to peacefully be euthanized. But HEY!!! His existence will be gone or stuck behind bars forever!! WOOT WOOT YAY!!~!!!


all those science classes will soon pay off [28 Oct 2004|06:54pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Several things.

Forensic Conference at Cal State LA this Saturday. It's $50 to attend. Even for students! I'm still debating if I should go this Saturday. I really Really want to go. There are going to be forensic anthropologists, odontologists, crime scene investigators and medical examiners/pathologists as the guest speakers. This is my passion!

I have an interview with the USDA in a few weeks. I'm looking forward to shopping for business attire. I need to really impress them. They're coming to campus and it's my chance at having a career once I get my Bachelors this June. I mainly want this job because it's a government job, which means the best benefits, free vehicle, clock-in when I leave my place, clock-out when I get home, plus I get to have fun testing for tuberculosis and brucellosis and performing necropsies on dead cattle! Yay! That of course is only if I get that position with them.

Speaking of getting my Bachelors soon... B.S.= bullshit, M.S.= more shit, and PhD =pile high deeper.
hahah, joke. for those of you who even KNOW what those acronyms stand for.

Anyways, I'm exited.


[02 Oct 2004|01:36pm]
Perhaps the biggest mistake of my life was 4 years ago when I voted for Bush. Before I get hated for this, I went to the poll election thinking that it would benefit me as a college student to have a president who didn't support paying high taxes. This, along with a few things that I support(ed).

My dad has also had a strong influence on me. Typical as he's an older white male who is a hardcore Republican. Growing up, I had no choice but to accept the television in my house stationed to political programs for Republicans and stupid radio shows like Rush Limbaugh 24/7.

As a college student, I've learned to have my own opinion on certain issues. I REGRET VOTING FOR BUSH, for I hate that man.

They say your vote counts. But in CA, it's guaranteed that the majority of the state is going to vote for the Democrat nominee anyway. Except when everyone was idiot enough to vote for Arnold as the Governor for CA.

But YOU SHOULD still vote, because the majority of the people who do ACTUALLY get out and vote are the elderly white republicans. THAT'S the reason why they encourage to get the youth, along with minorities to vote!!

Freaks on Santa Monica Blvd. [11 Sep 2004|02:23pm]
Yesterday was Frank and Pattys birthday party weekend. We had dinner at a Chilean restaurant in L.A. and headed to a Kareoke bar in Burbank (Dimples) afterwards.

We then left to go 80's clubbing in Hollywood. I hadn't been to Clockwork in over a year. I have never been so tired from dancing as I was last night. I felt like I lost 20 pounds.

We left to get breakfast at about 3am. Patty took us to a 24 hr. restaurant on Santa Monica Blvd. where all the prostitute trannys eat with their clients. It was comical hearing them talk about stuff. When I went to use the restroom, there were three of them in line and every other word that came out of one of their mouths was "bitch." I was practically in a bathroom with men who were mouthy, and it was scaring me.

Today my body feels sore and restless. Annie's husband is being sent to Iraq tonight. Couldn't the military have made it another day other than 9/11?
I called and wished him good luck out there.

LAX is a huge scary place. [03 Sep 2004|05:29pm]
School is about to start in a few weeks. I'm actually looking forward to it. Only because I'm anxious to get this year over with and finally get my Bachelors.

I feel like I haven't accomplished much this summer, but at least now I have Tae Bo to keep me motivated for what's left of this summer.

I can say that "I've been there for a friend."

Nichole wanted me to do her this "huge" favor.
So from Pomona, I drove to Lake Forest/Irvine. From there I drove her and her luggage, including her 3 cats and laborador mix in MY car to Huntington Beach to get dropped off. Her ragdoll cat sheds like a madwoman and it's unbelivably hard to remove pet hairs so I sacrificed my car for her. From Huntington Beach, I drove up to Venice Beach where we walked the boardwalk to kill time until 6:30 pm to drive over to the LAX Airport where I dropped her off.
THEN I had to drive the 40 miles east back to Pomona.
I stopped by my aunts house in B.G. to say hello.

I was just exhausted from going from place to place in one day and in the heat. But I did it for the sake of friendship. Geez

This morning I worked out to Tae Bo, then planned on heading to the pool to finish working on my tan. That didn't happen since the sun was too weak to even bother.

I have a new pet...
His name is Guiness.

It's called a treadmill [16 Aug 2004|09:54pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Since when do Americans think it's okay to be fat?
Nobody forced you to gobble down that piece of meat, or devour all the greasy, fattening twinkies and chips.

Maybe I'm a cruel bitch for being discusted, but everytime I see an overly obese person opening their mouth to stick that burger inside, I want to slap them. It's for their own good.
If one has packed >15 pounds from a recently previous moment in time, that's when they need to stop and eat moderately to less. Or EXCERSIZE for fat fuck's sake.


[06 Aug 2004|03:03pm]
These last few days have been mundane. Yesterday I drove to downtown Pomona by myself. I pretty much just window shopped at all the vintage/antique shops.
I came across a sign that read "Which Ones Pink", An L.A. tribute band to Pink Floyd at the Tiki Room. Tomorrow, going to this gig will be the plan. Although it's not the band, I'll just pretend. I went to their website and they're really good just listening to them online, I can just imagine how great they'll play live.

California Love [02 Aug 2004|12:02pm]
[ mood | melancholy ]

Julie is leaving in two weeks for vet school :(
Friday after work I partied in NewPort Beach at Club Vegas. It was not my scene, not feeling it at all. But I grinded all my female co-workers. That was the only highlight.

Saturday Nichole and I went to the Huntington Beach with intensions of basking out on the sand and tanning. There was a surfing competition event going on, so it was too crowded to find a spot. My legs are still blind-my-eyes-white. I'll sun burn before I tan.

After we left the beach, we went back to Nics and got ready to head out to San Diego. It was like a last hang out type thing for Julie. We went down to the Gaslamp district in Downtown San Diego. Their downtown is very upscale compared to L.A.
Julie, Justin, Manpreet, Mikey, and a whole lot of other people, I forgot their names, Nic and I had drinks at YardHouse. I thought it was lame to drive to San Diego just for that. We could have done that next door to Nics house in OC. My intensions were to bar hop, hit clubs and just "paint the city red." We tried getting into some clubs there but they wouldn't let us in because Justin was wearing shorts and flip flops. He was drunk so when people were walking by he would ask them to borrow their pants and shoes. It was funny. Half the group wanted to go eat then go to sleep, but Justin, mickey, julie, manpreet and I all insisted on finding a place to party at. Dowtown wasn't going to let Justin into any club so we decided to go to Tijuana at 2 am.

I had to do the talking around there. We went to one club which was almost empty. Then we walked around the Street and went to two titty bars. Lame. All 5 of us just slept while we were in them. We left at about 5:30 am.

Sunday Justin's mom had a go-away party for Julie at justin's house. It was all the way in the boonies of Colton. But I fell in love with the country/western style setting out there. It was a secluded area in the mountains. Reminded me a lot of my valley. But this place had horse-stables, an enormous back yard, swimming pool, bar room, everything.

And here I am at home finally. I needed some alone time; my own space.

Now I'm just depressed over Julie leaving. Something happened between her and I when we were at the Yardhouse in SD that will make me miss her more. She's going to Oklahoma. How could anyone live anywhere like that?

But I guess it's the city people who are deprived. They don't know what it's like to have "freedom." Freedom is having a huge backyard and not having a neighbor two feet away from you. Freedome is being able to have 5 million cats and dogs without worrying about them getting into the streets and getting run over. Freedom is open spaces like the desert or the lonely country. Not a commerce building nearby, or the noise of freeway traffic.

I'm just sad right now, and listening to country isn't helping.


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